Use of the YouthBuild Name

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Logo use:
Only members of the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network have permission to use YouthBuild logos. If your program is not a member of the network and is interested in becoming a member, contact us at

Use of the YouthBuild name:

The YouthBuild name is a registered service mark owned by YouthBuild USA.

Programs may use YouthBuild, Youthbuild, YOUTHBUILD, or any derivative (e.g., Youthbuilding, Youthbuilders) only if they are licensed by YouthBuild USA or currently funded by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) under the federal Youthbuild/YouthBuild authorization. Programs currently funded by DOL may use the YouthBuild name with or without being a member of the Affiliated Network only for the length of their DOL contract, after which time the use of the name is dependent on having completed a licensing agreement with YouthBuild USA as a member of the Affiliated Network.

YouthBuild USA is obligated by law to stop groups who use the YouthBuild name without either written permission from YouthBuild USA or DOL funding under the Youthbuild/YouthBuild authorization. Note that while DOL-funded Youthbuild/YouthBuild programs may use the YouthBuild name for as long as they are funded by DOL, only members of the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network may use the YouthBuild logo.

YouthBuild Coalitions and Incorporations:

The establishment of a local YouthBuild Coalition, whether as an unincorporated association or a 501 (c ) 3, also requires the explicit written authorization of YouthBuild USA. Naming a local YouthBuild programs using the word “Coalition” is not permitted because of the potential confusion with state coalitions forming nationwide.

Also note that no organization may incorporate as YouthBuild/Youthbuild/YOUTHBUILD in any state, as this violates the YouthBuild service mark. YouthBuild programs that are not sponsored by an existing organization with its own name must incorporate under another name and then they may “do business as” “YouthBuild X (location)”.

For more information on name use, name use, and other graphic standards, please see YouthBuild USA’s Graphic Standards Manual.