Creating Postsecondary Partnerships that Work: A Guide from YouthBuild USA

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Creating Postsecondary Partnerships that Work: A Guide from YouthBuild USA


YouthBuild USA

The purpose of the Creating Postsecondary Partnerships that Work guide is to help YouthBuild programs pursue, develop, and sustain partnerships with postsecondary institutions. The goal of these partnerships is to prepare students for postsecondary enrollment, retention and completion.


This guide contains 7 chapters organized into two major parts. Within each chapter, we link to tools and mini-toolkits that provide practical advice to execute postsecondary partnership activities.

Part I addresses general postsecondary partnership development processes. These processes include planning your postsecondary education efforts and researching potential partners (Ch. 1); identifying champions within PSE institutions and building long-term relationships with postsecondary staff (Ch. 2); and formalizing your plans through Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) (Ch. 3).

Part II offers recommendations and tools for implementing specific postsecondary partnership activities. These activities include exposing students to postsecondary experiences through college tours, workshops, peer-mentoring, and bridge programs (Ch. 4); aligning YouthBuild curricula and instruction with postsecondary experiences (Ch.5); supporting YouthBuild graduates enrolled in postsecondary institutions (Ch. 6); and working with your partner to collect data and track student progress (Ch. 7).